Dogshells aims to provide high quality nutritional supplements to our
pets while helping free the environment from unnecessary waste.


Our Story:

Dogshells formed in 2011 as a New Jersey LLC. It was started by two NYC corporate lawyers who share an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for health, the environment and loyal friends.

Meet The Team:


Andrea Lee


An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, Andrea loves all things fresh and green (and white, which is her dog, Barley below). An avid gardener and composter. A cute motorcyclist (no scooters). A personal chef to Barley. Favorite herb: cilantro.


John Dantzler-Wolfe


John is a perfectionist with an eye for both creativity and science. A physics major in college, he loves to experiment and perfect the craft of makery (eggshells in this case). Prefers golf to sleep. Wears bright colored-shoe laces. Favorite pastime: the movies.



Certified Egg Hound / Taste Tester

Barley, certified taste tester. A pearly white Maltese, he loves to race at the park, chase away geese and rummage through garbage. When he is not being mischievous, he enjoys cuddling, wrestling and eating warm homemade meals topped with Dogshells. He’s a licker by profession and hates clothes. His favorite snack is blueberries.

Our Process


Step 1

Collect Shells

The shells are sourced and collected locally from businesses participating in our eggshell recycling program.

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Step 2

Clean & Purify

The shells undergo a 7-step process during which they are cleaned of residual liquid and exposed to multiple rounds of high temperatures to kill any remaining bacteria.

Step 3


After cleaning, the shells are then perfectly ground to a fine powder, sprinkle ready for your dog.

Step 4

Package & Deliver

In keeping with our values of recycling and reuse, all Dogshells products are packaged in reusable glass jars.

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