Dogshells sources all eggshells locally from participating vendors. We hand-pick all of the restaurants with whom we wish to partner, choosing only those businesses that share our values of excellence and quality. We then provide them with an eggshell recycling bin for regular collection.

At right is a selected list of eco-responsible vendors who participate in our eggshell recycling program.

Food For Life

270 Old River Road – Edgewater, NJ 07020 – (201) 941-3977

Try the yummy “Food for Life Special Sandwich!”  Skip the herb mayo for your dog, but add a carrot juice on the side for your dog’s skin and coat.


601 Lexington Ave., Plaza Level – New York, NY 10022  –  (212) 752-2727

We recommend the “Dolce Vita Piada” for you and your pup.


23 E 51st Street – New York, NY 10022 - (212) 371-7676

“Emily Waits” is one of our favorite sandwiches on the menu. Dog-friendly too!