Composed of approximately 94% calcium carbonate and other trace minerals, eggshells promote overall bone health.


A Growing Movement:

Food on Cutting Board

Before the days of dinner in a bag, dogs ate in the wild a mixed diet of meats, bones, vegetation and berries. And they were arguably healthier than the modern day canine we see now. With the number of pet food recalls of late, many owners have switched to a fresh food diet for their dogs. And why not? Our dogs deserve all of the variety and freshness that nature has to offer.

The benefits are twofold: Your dog will be healthier and you will immediately feel like a superstar chef (your dog will love a fresh food diet).

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Calcium & Health:

Calcium Dish

Supplementation is important and necessary when preparing meals for your dog. Calcium is crucial to building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. In addition, raw meats in your dog’s diet are incredibly high in phosphorous, which should be properly balanced with calcium. In the wild, dogs satisfied their calcium requirements by chewing through the bones of their prey. However, raw bones, while fine for your dog, carry germs that are harmful to humans, and they can be downright messy. Dogshells is a great alternative to raw bones. They’re clean, easy to use and nutritious.

No Bones About It:

Eggshell calcium is a safer alternative to bones. Eggshells are naturally composed of approximately 94% calcium carbonate and other important trace minerals to aid in health and digestion.

Incidentally, eggshells also happen to be one of the leading waste products clogging up our landfills today. Dogshells sources eggshells directly from local restaurants and vendors, thereby diverting waste and polishing off a naturally occurring, nutrient rich product.

Top Eggshell Benefits

  1. Promotes strong bones
    and teeth.
  2. Contains a wealth of
    trace minerals.
  3. Easy to feed, odorless
    and tasteless.
  4. Safer and natural
    alternative to bones.